2023 NBA All-Star Game dubbed ‘worst basketball game ever played’ by LeBron team coach Michael Malone

2023 NBA All-Star Game dubbed ‘worst basketball game ever played’ by LeBron team coach Michael Malone

G League caller Mac McClung may have saved Saturday night’s dunk contest, but now it looks like the NBA All-Star Game itself needs saving. Team Giannis beat Team LeBron on Sunday, 184-175, in a game that looked a lot more like a lay-up line or shooting practice than a competitive basketball game between the best athletes in the world. .

The Elam Ending provided some drama in the fourth quarter as Team LeBron tried to erase a 19-point deficit, but the rest of the game lacked any kind of competitiveness or defensive side advantage. Jayson Tatum earned MVP honors after setting an All-Star Game record with 55 points, many of which came with little or no resistance.

Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone, who coached the losing LeBron team on Sunday night, didn’t mince words after the game, calling out the lack of effort from both sides.

“It’s an honor to be here. It’s an honor to be part of a great weekend, great players. But this is the worst basketball game ever,” Malone said after the game. stars. “I don’t know if you can fix it. I’m giving Joel Embiid, Kyrie Irving – those guys were like, competing. Joel was pleading with some of the guys to play harder, try to defend. No one got hurt , they put on a show for the fans, but it’s a tough game to live in. I’m not going to lie.

Malone wasn’t the only one to notice, as fans and media throughout the game remarked on the quality – or lack thereof – in the 2023 edition.

As Malone mentioned, Embiid and Irving at least seemed to be in competition, combining for 67 points, 20 assists, 20 rebounds and four steals, but it’s just hard to get the league’s best players to fight. in an exhibition setting, especially with the playoffs. in less than two months.

For example, LeBron James attempted to play defense in the first half, trying to block a Pascal Siakam layup. In the process, he grabbed his hand on the rim and was sent off for the second half due to the injury.

As the Los Angeles Lakers scratch and battle for a playoff spot, James will regret the day he tried to play defense in an All-Star Game if it even means missing out. A of the team’s next crucial matches.

So, as Malone said, there may not be a solution, especially in a traditional format. The league implemented the Elam Ending with the target score a few years ago, which helped in the final quarter, but there really isn’t much to do in the first three quarters. They’re the elite of the elite, and they’re just not going to risk their health for a game that ultimately has no bearing on the standings.

Unless there is a significant change in the mindset of the players, or the league in terms of a revised format, don’t expect future All-Star Games to be much different.

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