best plants to grow alongside it |

best plants to grow alongside it |

Planting garlic companions can help keep pests and diseases away from vegetables, fruits, and even flowers, including roses. Its pungent aroma actively repels many pests that can attack crops and produces a natural fungicide in the soil. Nearby plants can absorb it into their roots and protect them from fungal infections.

Companion planting is a very effective way to organically control pests in the garden and also to supplement both the growth and flavor of certain edibles. Using companion planting also reduces the need to use chemicals in the garden.

If you are learning to grow garlic, it really pays to consider the best companion plants to grow around it and reap all the benefits that companion planting offers.

A harvest of garlic bulbs

Garlic can deter a whole range of pests, from aphids to deer

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Drew is a former professional gardener specializing in growing vegetables for restaurants. He previously worked in certified organic vegetable gardens and, wherever he gardened, always grew edibles using organic principles.

Benefits of Companion Planting Garlic

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