‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once’ Wins DGA Award for Best Theatrical Feature – Deadline

‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once’ Wins DGA Award for Best Theatrical Feature – Deadline

At tonight’s DGA Awards, directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert scooped Best Theatrical Feature with their hit A24 Everything everywhere all at once – a besting competition that included Todd Field (Warehouse), Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick), Martin McDonagh (The Banshees of Inisherin) and Steven Spielberg (The Fabelmans) during their first participation in the ceremony.

Kwan began his remarks by noting what an “amazing year” it has been for him and the “little movie that somehow continues,” which kicked off his journey to awards glory throughout SXSW. 2022.

Kwan then thanked Everywhere star Michelle Yeoh, who “made this movie” with a performance that made her appear “in every frame”, giving the filmmakers “everything”.

Kwan also thanked A24, who took a chance on his and Scheinert’s film when “a lot of people” didn’t. “Movies like this often don’t have a launch pad, (but) you’re the craziest studio, and you always take risks on movies like ours. So, thank you,” he said. he declares.

Kwan shared in closing that what he will take away from this awards season, “more than anything” is the “warmth”, “curiosity” and “enthusiasm” of his fellow nominees. “Every time we break bread or share a scene with each other, I leave so inspired, and it’s just a beautiful reminder that even the best filmmakers in this industry, even legends in this industry, at the background, are just kids who are excited to make movies,” the director said. “Thank you so much for that reminder.

Scheinert then thanked only one person – that is, his co-director, Kwan. “Thank you for putting up with me when I asked to make our movie weirder, and thank you for making our movie so much braver and more vulnerable,” he said. “What an honor.”

Although it is almost impossible to sum via a traditional connection line, Everywhere is a martial arts multiverse film centered on Evelyn Wang (Yeoh), an aging Chinese immigrant who is drawn into a madcap adventure, in which only she can save the world by exploring other universes connected with life than she could have led.

In addition to the highest grossing of any film in A24 history, Everywhere is the most nominated film of all the upcoming Oscars, having garnered a total of 11 nominations, including Best Picture and Director. Kwan and Scheinert produced the pop culture sensation alongside Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike Larocca and Jonathan Wang, with Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr. and James Hong among those who complete the cast.

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